Social Responsibility
DamavanD® actively assumes corporate social responsibility while developing, and regards corporate social responsibility as a measure and measure for corporate sustainable development.Guaranteed. Responding to the government's call to provide jobs specifically for disabled veterans. In terms of aid, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief, it is also the main actively participate in it.
  • Development Obligation
    DamavanD® takes energy conservation and environmental protection and creates green homes as its mission, and actively responds to the country's call for low-carbon environmental protection and encourages and reward all employees to develop low-carbon and environmentally friendly behaviors in their daily work and life, and conduct relevant knowledge-related activities from time to time.Communication activities, etc., contribute to our green earth in every bit.
  • Charity
    Over the years, it has continued to participate in the China Social Welfare Foundation, the Beijing Angel Mother Charity Foundation, and the Chinese Children’s Charity Foundation.Relief, poverty alleviation, etc. initiated by various charity organizations such as the Good Relief Foundation, Henan Charity Federation, One Foundation Charity Foundation, etc.Donate. At present, a total of 488 donations have been made.