Directional Drilling

DamavanD® directional drilling crew has engineering services capabilities for directional/horizontal wells, multilateral wells, cluster wells, casing hole side -tracking, deep and ultra-deep directional/horizontal wells and slim-hole.

Inclination: 士0.1°(0~180°) Azimuth: ±1.0°(0~360°)(inclination>5°)
Max Working Temp: 175℃/347FMax Pressure Strength: 206MPa/30000Psi
Gamma Type: Natural Gamma with ONE section Physical Dimension: Φ40×6331mm/Φ1.57×249.3in/ Φ40×7531mm/ Φ1.57×296.7in(Gamma)
Azimuth Gamma with TWO sections
Azimuth Imaging Gamma with FOUR sections

Improve Drilling Efficiency

DamavanD® offers a comprehensive portfolio of down -hole motors to help you reduce well time by drilling faster and placing your wells accurately. These motors can be configured to meet your various applications. DAMAVAND has the largest motor selection in the industry, - ranging from 2-7/8 O.D. to 11-1/4" O.D.

◆ Supplying of MWD, LWD, NBM, RSS:
• Surface system, software
• Positive mud pulser assy, probe
• Nature/Azimuthal GR, Res., S&V, ECD
◆ Directional Drilling & Horizontal Drilling Services

Type PTF12 PTF165 PTF203
Outer Diameter 4 3/4(121mm) 6 1/2"(165mm) 8"(203mm)
Inner Diameter 1 1/4"(31.75mm) 2"(50mm) 2.36"(60mm)
Max. Tensile Load(kN) 2200 5500 7920
Max.& Min. Over Flow(L/S) 23~11 47-23 65~35
Ball Diameter 36,38,40 55,57.5,60 62,63,65

Temperature Rating 150℃, Max. withstand Pressure difference(MPa)