According to different languages, Damavand set up two marketing departments, which are named by Dept. I and II. Marketing Dept. I is responsible for the English market, covering the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and other places, and currently the pioneering business mainly including Iraq, UAE, India and Indonesia; Marketing Dept. II is responsible for Russian market, and currently the covering Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other countries. Business Dep. is carrying out the operation of the project, including engineering technical service, logistics of equipment, after-sale support of the sold & rent equipment.

  • Russia

  • Kazakhstan

  • Ukraine

  • Iserbaijan

  • Iraq

  • UAE

  • India and Indonesia

  • Southeast Asia

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Beijing Damavand Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is formed by experienced international project management and business talents. Limited liability company, specializing in large-scale complete sets of equipment, small and medium-sized equipment, downhole. Sales and leasing of tools and instruments, specializing in drilling technical services, and import and export of other special equipment.

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